Success Product

Success Payroll Version 2.5

Success Payroll Version 2.5 is now one of the software listed under iSPRINT - Packaged Solutions* from IDA. SMEs can claim up to 50% of the qualifying costs, capped at $1500 for the purchase of the first packaged solution listed under each category. This is subjected to fulfilling the SME eligibility criteria and the availability of funds.

Unique Features

- Employee Maintenance
- Salary based on Monthly Rate, Daily Rate and Piece Rate
- Overtime computation
- Allowance computation
- CPF and Skill Development Fund
- Foreign Worker Levy
- CDAC, MBF, etc
- IR8A Form
- Annual Leave, Pay Leave and Unpaid Leave computation
- E-submission for CPF using FTP
- Integration with door access system
- Integration with attendance management system

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