Success General Insurance

Master file maintenance

      ✓  Provide Insurance Co. and Account code posting for premium received /payment/ commission by insurance Co.
      ✓  Provide Birthday enquiry By Customer.
      ✓  Provide Introducer (agent with commission given) Maintenance 
      ✓  Provide Producer Maintenance (no commission given)
      ✓  Provide Insurance Class maintenance
      ✓  Provide Customer maintenance

 Policy /Endorsement

      ✓  Auto Compute firm commission, amount due to underwriter in policy entry
      ✓  Able to enter particular’s of workers or staff for H& S and workmen compensation
      ✓  For Bond, system to show accumulated amount of bond for user to check so as to prevent the accumulated amount from exceeding the quota. 
      ✓  View Policy History.

 Debit Note

      ✓  Able to convert Debit note from Policy and auto generate amount due to underwriter, firm’s commission and amount due to insured.
      ✓  Auto posting to A/R (amount due from insured) and A/P (amount due to underwriter) with single debit note entry and auto posting to respective account codes.

 Renewal Notice

      ✓  Auto generate renewal notice list
      ✓  Generate individual renewal notice
      ✓  Able to track no. of policy that are due for renewal but did not renewed.

  Claim Registration

      ✓  Claim Registration Entry
      ✓  Track  action taken and keeps dairy in claim registration
      ✓  System to provide reports on what action / documents to be submitted by date.
      ✓  Track pictures, corresponding documents (pdf format) and action taken pertaining to insurance claim


      ✓  Reports for Insured/ Insurer and Agents

Financial Module

      ✓  General ledger, Journal Voucher
      ✓  Fixed Asset Management, Cash Book
      ✓  Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
      ✓  Bank Reconciliation report in foreign and base currency
      ✓  Auto generate Tax report for GST submission